Saturday, January 7, 2017

A wonderful video to watch on a stormy, rainy winter day

They are speaking Swedish, and that's a small stream somewhere in southern Sweden.  The landowner didn't think there were any fish in the creek because no one came to fish it.  A hidden jewel for sure!


  1. Thanks, now my cabin fever is raging. That looks so much like my local trout stream. Trouble is that it's only 7°F here right now. Just a bit chilly for me to get out.

    Really some beauties in there. It was funny when he lost one at the 7:50 mark and said, "Shit!" I guess fisherman are the same everywhere......

  2. That reminds me for all the world of a stream where I used to catch brook trout. My stream was more overgrown. I had to get permission from the local judge who owned the land I needed to cross. Nobody ever fished it and I don't think that they knew that there were brookies in it.

    I'd let the fly drift through the eddies and bang. I don't think that I was ever skunked there. I always came back with one or two at a minimum. Five or six was a good haul. They weren't huge. At the largest they were the size of the brown trout that this guy reeled in. I didn't catch and release. I took them home and ate them.

    1. Trout are the food of the Gods. He should have kept at least two. Browns like that are very aggressive and eat the minnows. As soon as one is removed by the fisherman, another will take its place and grow.

    2. Fishing with local minnows if you can catch them is illegal but you're all but guaranteed a monster's almost as effective as using a stick of dynamite. Bring a big aquarium net to catch the little beasts.

  3. Sigh.... fishing! Can't wait for Spring. Biggest trout I ever caught was with a balled up piece of Wonder bread!