Wednesday, November 27, 2019

What a surprise

According to a study in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, which cites the Centers for Disease Control, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and the United Nations International Study on Firearms Regulation, the more guns a nation has, the less criminal activity.

When Kates and Mauser compared England with the United States, they found “’a negative correlation,’ that is, ‘where firearms are most dense violent crime rates are lowest, and where guns are least dense, violent crime rates are highest.’

“The same conclusion was reached in 2003 by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control,” write Kates and Mauser. “Armed crime, never a problem in England, has now become one. Handguns are banned but the Kingdom has millions of illegal firearms. Criminals have no trouble finding them and exhibit a new willingness to use them. In the decade after 1957, the use of guns in serious crime increased a hundredfold. In the late 1990s, England moved from stringent controls to a complete ban of all handguns and many types of long guns. Hundreds of thousands of guns were confiscated from those owners law-abiding enough to turn them in to authorities.” But crime increased instead of decreasing.

This is back up anecdotally by the experience of places like Chicago, which tries its best to outlaw legal gun ownership, yet experiences high crime.

One might also note that most mass shootings occur in so called "gun free" areas.  


  1. But the left will never listen because it isn't what they want to hear.

  2. I recall the 1960s London bobbies were unarmed save their beat stick and whistle, but today they walk with machine guns and semi-auto pistols and body armor and yet consider themselves still to be under-armed. the law abiding citizen is NOT allowed to defend themselves against an aggressive threat even if they cannot run away from it. sad

  3. not that I would ring a chime about it but: runs a nice site for running body counts and the abject stupidity of living in Chicago. great humor is shown by their Junk-o-meter showing results of the numbers of those who carry in the waistband and have no trigger discipline.

    1. and the answer is 30. yes, thirty idiots have shot themselves in the junk so far this year in Chicago. 2523 shot with 472 dead of the great citizens of Chicago so far this year. two holiday weekends to go, so they may yet get to three thousand. this sounds like a body count editorial from the end of a CBS news show in the 1960's. but it's not. the democrats own it. lock stock and smoking barrel-maybe the problem isn't the gun?

  4. My goodness gracious: "Who'd a thunk it?"

  5. This is complete tosh. How many mass shootings have there been in England? Last one was in 1996. So frequent in America it is not considered to be news, just part of American life.

    2.8 guns per 100 people in UK. 120.5 guns per 100 people in US.
    0.23 gun deaths per 100,000 people in UK. 12.21 gun deaths per 100,000 people in US (53 times as many).

  6. Last UK mass shooting was 2010, in Cumbria.

  7. Is this still a question? That an armed society is a safe and very polite society has been known for a long time. It isn't crime that the reason for the unending attempts to disarm the populace; it's power, control and being prevented from (safely) taking what they want by the Elite.