Monday, December 19, 2016

It is over - for now.

Electoral College Vote Seals Trump White House Victory

The Supreme Court is safe, and soon the deep state will suffer a significant reduction in its tyrannical power.

Obama's lawless executive orders will be rightfully repealed. 

Perhaps we will even see the elimination of several federal institutions that need to go, like the Education Department, Common Core, and all federal education laws.  All responsibility back to the states. 

One can dream.

The tally: 

Trump 304, Clinton 228, Colin Powell 3, Ron Paul 1, John Kasich 1, ‘Faith Spotted Eagle’ 1

Can you call an elector truly faithless if they vote for Faith Spotted Eagle?

Where's Ash Carter when you need him?  He and Trump should just join and run the government as de facto co presidents until January 20th.  I'm sure Obama would much rather vacation and hang with rappers than deal with messy reality, so he'd go along.

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  1. Spotted Eagle tied Kasich and Paul. That makes sense in a skewed, surreal sort of way.