Thursday, December 22, 2016

At a certain, less responsible age, this stunt might have appealed to me, especially if my girlfriend was Swedish.

Swedish furniture giant Ikea has warned teenagers not to follow a new trend after two young girls were discovered to have sneakily stayed the night at one of their stores.
Wandering through one of the more elaborate bedroom displays at Ikea and dreaming of having a similar room back home isn’t an uncommon experience for kids, but deciding to actually sleep there for the night is. Yet that is exactly what two teenagers managed to do in southern Swedish city Jönköping at the weekend.

“On Saturday morning before opening, two Ikea employees at the store in Jönköping found two girls aged around 14 who had stayed behind after closing and stayed the night in the shop. The girls were handed over to security who in turn contacted police,” Ikea Sweden press spokesperson Jakob Holmström told The Local.

Luckily for the two girls concerned, the company decided that punishment should be dealt out by their parents rather than the police this time.

“Ikea chose not to file a police report on the grounds of the girls’ young age. Ikea had a good dialogue with their parents who really appreciated the seriousness,” Holmström explained.

First, a couple of incidents is not a trend, and second, where were these girls' parents? Didn't they think, "Gee, little Lineä and Thåröösie aren't here at home, and it's 1am, so maybe we ought to find out where the heck they are?"  I'm surprised that their version of child protective services didn't have a stern visit with the Stöömsåssön family over this apparent lack of concern over their daughter's welfare.


  1. There's a lot that you can do with a young, hot, Swedish girlfriend...and a lot of places.

  2. How about each one told their parents they were sleeping at the other ones house. That one has worked for ever.....

    1. Always insist on confirmation from the parents. I've played this game...