Monday, October 20, 2014

Your good news for the day

The Supreme Court throws out the last challenge to the Texas voter ID law.

  "The Texas voter ID law, which was effective in November 2013 statewide constitutional elections, will be in place for the Nov. 4 mid-term election, representing a big win for voters and election integrity in Texas."
"On Saturday, the Supreme Court rejected an emergency petition filed by the NAACP and refused to overrule the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, which had thrown out an injunction against the voter ID law issued by a federal district court judge.  Voters will have to show either a Texas driver’s license or personal ID card, a Texas Election Identification Certificate (issued free to any voter), a Texas concealed handgun license, a U.S. military ID or a U.S. passport on Nov. 4."
Stealing an election by voter fraud just got tougher.  Plus, this successful law points the way for other states to do the same.
  "It was no surprise when Obama appointee Judge Nelva Gonzalez Ramos of the federal district court in Corpus Christi issued an injunction against the state’s voter ID law. Ramos essentially ignored the fact that Texas successfully implemented the law in state elections in Texas in 2013 with none of the problems predicted by opponents and that evidence from other states, such as Georgia and Indiana that have had ID laws in place since 2008, show such laws do not suppress turnout."
  "Contrary to the claims made by the NAACP and other opponents in the Texas case (and believed by Ramos), 2013 voter turnout actually went up compared to 2011 levels."
Making voting fraud free can only help Americans have confidence in the system, and that their vote will count as much as the next man's.  Only those who fancy a bit of fraud for their favorite candidate resist these laws.
Now, on to all the other states which don't have voter ID.

Of course, according to some, voter fraud rarely to never occurs.

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  1. Please don't forget to include that Judge Ramos who found against the law prompting the appeal was a Demo-fricking-crat! Any election worth winning is worth cheating to get!