Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Senior administration official calls Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu a "chicken*hit."

Harvard grads.  Adults in charge.  Top. Men.

I say it was Kerry - it sounds like the kind of puerile, adolescent thing he'd say, and he has the motivation after the Israelis called him out on his incompetence.

From a comment at Ace's:

  "The sad thing is that the current administration would have hated dealing with Sharon or Begin much more than with Bibi. 

They were blunt hardasses. Bibi is much more refined, speaks English perfectly, and is not as aggressive. 

These fcuksticks can't even insult people well."

And this:

  "Go to Twitchy for the chickensh*t storm. 

Remember, these people have elite Ivy League educations. Finally, an administration that won't be an embarrassment! Not like that crude cowboy! "

All the twitchy goodness is right here!

And the final word is worth a thousand:

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  1. Character matters. Obama and his ilk have character but it's all bad - indulged - spoiled children and collectivists.