Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sennen Cove, Cornwall, has some big surf

Big waves on a clear day

Way out there on land's end.

Really big water when it's stormy.  Time to hole up in a pub with a Guinness.


  1. Whoa, just think what it would look like if you were at street level!

    1. I'm afraid I would find myself irresistibly drawn to the headland, like a zombie, to experience the blast up close. Probably the last anyone would see of me in this life.

  2. It's clearly a tourist destination. Imagine if the Democratic Party lemmings were there. They'd follow each other into the surf at a full run! All one would have to do is point vaguely at the surf and say "Free ObamaPhones" or "Food Stamps" and they'd sprint for it.