Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Open Road

Or, the art of the escape.


  1. #8 is the winner. Did a stunt like #9 many, many years ago on a mini-bike. It hurt.

    1. We've all done our version of "the stunt." It's part of living life like you should - on the edge.

  2. Why would you own a pick-up truck and NOT have a lever action rifle in the back window?

  3. Ha. #6 was licensed in Polk county of Iowa, but that picture sure wasn't taken in Iowa. Not unless that's a whole new version of corn in the background!

  4. Oh my !
    Number 6.

    A 1967 Imapala, which is Chevrolet's most beautiful car ever.
    But that girl... oh, that girl !
    She is probably known as "Granny" today, but there was a time when she could have walked into any room on this planet, and walked out 2 minutes later with a man on each arm.
    - Charlie