Friday, April 13, 2018

Yeah, they just don't get paid enough to play hard

A Gentleman's Guide to the NBA: When Players Agree to Take Plays Off.

So let's see, you get a king's ransom to play a kid's game, your demanding career as a player lasts only a few years, but you just can't get it up to play hard?  

One of the reasons I no longer watch or care about professional basketball.

That, and the legendary 2002 playoff series between the Kings and the Lakers.  When it looked like the Kings would win it, the word went down from management to the refs to make sure the Kings didn't win, as they wanted a big market team in the playoffs.  More money, of course.  

The calls got so one sided that every one, from the sportscasters to the players, were speculating that something was up.   Lo and behold, a year later a ref got in trouble for just this, and fessed up to the fact that the league did indeed push them to call games in a way that would give the desired outcome.

I'll watch wrestling if I want to waste my time.   If the NBA disappeared tomorrow, it'd be no loss at all to society - and probably a positive.


  1. I figured that out back when Larry Bird and Magic Johnson went one-on-one after the Celtics won the championship. It is all about the money.

  2. They need to bring back Roller Derby or maybe start the unappreciated sport of ROLLERBALL! I think that basketball is no longer worth watching and I haven't followed the game for a decade because it's rigged. Professional wrestling is real - by comparison.

  3. The NBA draft lottery is rigged too.

  4. remember that "pro" sports is just entertainment and is meant to present advertisers goods too the masses.
    Pro baseball is a much better sport.they serve beer and brats at the park and the sunshine is free.
    don't read a lot into whether a "pro" sport is fair or not. just enjoy the advertising...