Monday, April 16, 2018

With a far smaller population and land area, Texas smokes the country of Russia in size of economy.


  1. And people think that Russia will bury the US - Only if we want to be buried.

  2. Oh man....I wish people would stop posting stuff like only attracts the leftys from blue states and then they'll move here.
    Almost like they see a thriving state; can't stand to see that and they move to tear down the stuff!!!


  3. Socialism...It just works!

    or not.

  4. A few years ago I incautiously got into a cyber-scuffle with some leftie who was in a panic about overpopulation.

    With a few minutes' research I showed him the facts about population density, to wit:

    The entire world's population could fit into the state of Texas, and the resultant population density would be less than that of the island of Manhattan.

    It got real quiet after that....

  5. We got better lookin wimmens too! Arrrr.