Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I'll bet the passengers loved that.

Next time, drive yourself.


  1. With cat like reflexes the brain dead backed away.

  2. I saw this live and couldn't believe that the dumbasses just stood there not realizing the power of that snow.

  3. They all had their cameras out and were posting it to YouTube. A second layer of stupid: Knowing something is stupid but wanting to capture it on video anyway.

    I wonder if there were any injuries.

  4. Hard to say how fast that happened, since the video went into slo-mo just as the train hit the first patch of snow in the platform area... but it looks to me like those people had no time to react. Totally caught by surprise!

    By the time the message from their eyes got through to their brain saying, "Look out!" it was already too late. (That same thing happens with trucks & shallow mud puddles, too- but that only gets folks wet & messy.) This could have knocked them right off their feet and injured them badly!