Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Good progress at the Oroville Spillway

Think of the money being spent on this.

But, they have the river channel looking much better.  They have gunnite under the lip of part of the broken spillway, at least.  I guess that will help, but it's probably about the best they can do now.

Putting up new poles for power lines with heavy lift helicopters has to be expensive.


  1. Price is no object in a situation like that one -- literally. They need to come up with a fix that works.

  2. Our local PJ Helicopters on the job, YAY!

  3. It's how they do it now. Power line went up by my place a couple years ago. Assembled bottom frames from the ground, put the tops on with a Sikorsky Skycrane. Then they pulled the wires with a Hughes 500.

  4. We used an air crane to install single pole structures in salt marsh adjacent to I-95 in coastal GA. Normal accessibility from a road (the interstate) or along the transmission line right-of-way, which crossed several rivers and creeks, was not practical. The air crane used a vibratory hammer to drive the foundations into the soft salt marsh soils, then came back with the upper pole assemblies and set them in place. A smaller chopper was used to string the wires. Although expensive to mobilize and operate, the air crane was able to work very quickly compared to having to bring heavy equipment and materials to each site, and then spend more money removing the mats and restoring the wetlands. The environmentalists typically said they'd rather not have the line there, of course, but boy we were sure doing it the right way. Very cool project.