Sunday, March 5, 2017

Getting more than you asked for.

The hunter, dressed in camouflage and lying on his belly, was blowing a call that mimicked a wounded rabbit in an effort to lure a hungry coyote, said Lt. Bill Dailey of the Department of Fish and Wildlife. The hunter spotted a flash of movement and looked over his shoulder just in time to watch a mountain lion leap toward his head.
It's not just coyotes that eat rabbits.  In fact, the lion has possibly eaten the local songdogs.

He threw up his hands to protect his face, the animal struck, bounded away, and the hunter fired twice, killing the cat, Dailey said. The entire ordeal played out in mere moments.
But what we really want to know, SacBee, is what cartridge he was using! .22-250, or .220 Swift???  Come on, give us the useful news!
“It happened extremely fast,” Dailey said. “He didn’t even have time to aim. … It was 100 percent instinctual. It wasn’t like he was premeditating this.”
The hunter, whose name has not been released, sustained a minor injury to his head, and went to an area hospital for rabies shots. He notified wildlife officers that he had killed a mountain lion, a species protected under state law. Following an investigation, wildlife officers determined he was justified in shooting the cougar “given the suddenness of the attack” and the “fear for his life.” He won’t be charged.
Better be ready for anything when hunting in camo and blowing a wounded rabbit call. Next, he'll get attacked by an eagle with a hankering for hasenpfeffer.

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