Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Your good news of the day

The sixth-largest lake in the United States, which straddles California and Nevada, reached its natural rim after weekend storms dumped 12.5 billion gallons of water into the lake. A trickle is now flowing through the dam and into the Truckee River.
This is a huge milestone for a body of water that has flirted with record-low levels amid an ongoing drought. 
Tahoe's water level reached 6,223.04 feet on Tuesday afternoon.

At the same time last year, the level was a full 1.5 feet lower. This was a disappointment in an El Niño year when storms expected to bring record-breaking snow and rain delivered only average precipitation, filling some reservoirs but making only a small dent in California's drought conditions overall.
This year is showing more promise as storms continue to batter the Sierra Nevada. Tahoe City, a town that sits on the lake's north shore, saw its wettest October in recorded history this year. 
U.S. District Court Water Master Chad Blanchard says 9.04 inches of precipitation (rain and snow) were recorded in October while the average is 1.76.
"That was the largest October for precip since we had records back to 1910," Blanchard said. 


  1. How's Mono Lake doing?


  2. Does this mean that the "drought warning" electronic signs next to the SoCal freeways will go out...or are we to be in a position of continual drought for all time? Of course, I'm moving out of CA next year, so I have to look at them anymore.

  3. Uh oh, we're reaching a deadly water abundance! Any time now, our big brains in Sacramento will order that all the sluices be opened wide, to prevent the fish from drowning in too much water, and all of us common folks will be ordered to run our faucets continuously to prevent flooding. Why, Malibu could be underwater before we know it, so immediate action is necessary!

    Now some dim bulbs would say that having plenty of water in a desert State would be a good thing; obviously they haven't encountered our wonderful Political Elites, who know so much better than those of us with mere common sense!