Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Tornado Alert!

In follow up to my earlier post about the speed that Trump is moving things, Conrad Black seems to see things the same way:

"The president-elect is driving a bulldozer at 60 miles per hour toward the wreckage of decades of misgovernment and misinformation, while the departing incumbents crawl around on their hands and knees complaining that the lights have gone out. For them, they have."


Heh!  Thanks for this, Taminator!


  1. A bulldozer, eh? Maybe this should be played at the inauguration:

  2. I seem to recall a certain billionaire- who is now our President-Elect- whose children, unlike any other rich man's, can operate a Cat D-9.

    How fitting! I hope they remove ALL the wreckage from the past, so that the foundations of this country can be restored!