Friday, December 16, 2016

Holiday Goodness

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  1. I ordered that Kindle about a month ago thinking I was getting a pretty good deal. When it arrived, it was approximately 4" x 7", with the screen being a little smaller than that. Basically, a just a smidge bigger than your average smart-phone that can basically perform the exact same function, less $100 (plus $20 for the charger). I immediately sent the Kindle back for a refund upon opening the package. If you magnified the text to be readable for anyone over 40-years old, you'd at best get two or three words per line. There was no need to even try it out. It is ridiculously small to the point of being almost entirely useless. Save yourself the time and money. Or, you could give it as a Christmas present to someone you wish to go blind. I can't imagine it would take very long to have that effect on anyone attempting to actually read from it.