Thursday, December 15, 2016

CNN PC goddess tries to race bait Jim Brown, who then calmly rubs her nose in the ideological pee she has just left on the table.

And she thanks him for the lesson.


  1. That was beautiful, and inspiring; Jim Brown is a role model beyond compare.

    Sadly, the anchor won't learn anything from that exchange.

  2. The progressives won't replay THAT interview.

    I guess that Jim Brown turned out to be a race traitor. Imagine a man looking at character rather than color. Not progressive at all.

    1. Just like MLKjr advised - it's the content of your character. Mr. Brown is a heroic American.

  3. CW. You really hit that one out of the park when you titled this. As for Jim Brown, he not only turned around the conversation from what the racist bigotry she offered, but he totally defanged her. There was nothing left for her to do but fold her tipi and fade off into the night. I'm so cynical now that I just can't believe this clip will get much air time.