Sunday, December 4, 2016

An SAS sniper has picked off his 100th Islamic State militant during fighting for the Iraqi city of Mosul.

That's an excellent score!  Now, go for 101!

The impressive tally makes him one of the most successful snipers in the British armed forces
His latest kill is said to be a “high valued target” in the terror group, which has put up fierce resistance as the US-backed coalition attempts to recapture Iraq’s second city from the extremists.
Taking his position outside a compound that was once a base for former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, the sharpshooter needed just a single bullet to punch through the senior ISIS commander’s body armour, killing him instantly.
The SAS waited for a week hiding less than a mile from the front gates before launching their assault.  Patience pays off if you are a sniper.
The soldier used a Barrett M82 Light 50 rifle which can hit a target with a 0.50 inch calibre round from 1,800 metres (1.1 miles) away.


  1. Even a "low value target" is worth the bullet, if only to set the record straight and increase the tally.

  2. 50BMG runs about $10 per round. Well worth the price to send the "low value target" to his eternal dirtnap.

    1. What was Kipling's line? Two thousand pounds of education/ Drops to a ten-rupee jezail! Aimed in the other direction this time.

  3. Well, as those rednecks on Hee-Haw used to say,