Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Shasta and the Bolam Glacier on the left, Shastina on the right, with the largest glacier in California, the Whitney, in between

This is a summertime image.  The big stratovolcano just absorbed a huge snowfall from that storm that just went through last weekend, and all this would be white right now.


  1. Heck, I was born in raised in NoCal and never knew we had glaciers. I do love Lassen though ;>}

  2. This is the point of view, near Weed CA, when clouds to the west are just right, that you can see a pink sunset on Shasta. It's a magical treat to witness.
    I've also seen the sign at the North Gate trailhead that warns: "Beware of the man eating bergschrund on the Bolam glacier!"

  3. Of all the pics of Shasta you've posted, this has to be the most beautiful - that white-faced moon... wow