Wednesday, May 20, 2020

I haven't checked these numbers for the other states, but Cali's are accurate, and in comparison with the other states, they're very interesting indeed.

And who would have thought that New York has a lower income tax rate, by far, than California?


  1. Gyms are open in Texas at 25% occupancy and heightened sanitation protocols.
    I think you have to go north to Connecticut to exceed California's tax rates - and financial problems.

  2. New York's Corona deaths are over inflated. Statistically they should be close to same mortality rate as the rest or their numbers are suspect. Even they do not know the accurate number of those infected who died of other causes and those who died of Chinese Flu.

  3. The Socialist Paradises are badly managed, have bloated staffs and so forth. As with your other commenters, the plague numbers are all suspect. Many of the tests show positive for Plague if you've been taking flu shots.

  4. I live in Florida and those numbers are correct.

  5. I think the Texas morality rate is a lot higher than this shows; CA and NY are about as immoral as it gets. Kidding aside, the immorality of blue state governments has effects in all sorts of areas.

    As regards the CCP virus numbers, they are probably closer to real than China's but there is no way anyone is ever going to know the "real" numbers. Some things indicate that cases, and deaths, are being undercounted, while others indicates over-counting, all depending on the definitions being used.

    With regard to all who seek the Light,