Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Earth, Jupiter, and Venus, as seen from Mars


  1. Not something I see everyday but here it is. Do I live in a great time or what?

  2. So that's what Elon Musk's space cadets are going to see.

  3. Yes:

    1. Fake? Wow..what a bummer. I like to believe all the stories I hear, well as long as they don't cost me money but the world is changing.
      News outlets are there to support the owners agenda with propaganda but they still look like news. Photos that are not real and as I understand it (these days) videos that are not real. Scientific research that points in the direction that was paid for and it's results are well publicized.
      I guess if YOU actually see it then maybe it's true...

      All these stories that will cost you more than money in the long run if you accept them.
      Sad times.