Sunday, December 15, 2019

A huge trade agreement consummated, yet all the press can discuss is a dead end impeachment. These are the kind of achievements that will both get Trump re-elected and mark him as one of the great presidents.


  1. MSM is on a mission - they cannot under ANY circumstances, allow Trump to look good on their dime. Even if the American people are elevated - just nope on Trump, that Racist - Rich - Lying Elitist.

    I'm pretty sure most of the public already understands it, after three years, you notice the pattern. I don't know how CNN stays alive with 24 hours of Trump Hate nonstop.

  2. The MSM are George Soros Storm Troopers on a mission to save Globalism. They've been indoctrinated just like the Hitler-Jugendof 80 years ago. Their mindset can't be turned they must be destroyed.

  3. Remember when Bush was President, and unemployment was very low. All the media would talk about was all the added jobs were McJobs.