Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Full disclosure: my glove is a Nokona


  1. I'm almost positive that my glove is not a Nokona. That being said, once I get a new mitt, I take silicone oil and rub it in. Then I rub it in again, and again and again, until it's just the way I like it. There is something very personal about a baseball glove. I am a big baseball fan. My grandsons play baseball. To me, it's the most American of sports that we play. I'm going to have to shift from the Dodgers to the Diamondbacks as I move from one place to the other, but that will be tough.

    I graduated with a BA from Cal State Fullerton, one of the great baseball programs in the US. As an adult with season tickets, I used to attend games. I sat behind Justin Turner's parents and watched him come up, know his family, etc. He had a tough time with the Mets, but when he came home and could be around his family more, he really blossomed to be one of the premier players in the NL.

    Great sport.

  2. First glove was a Rawlings, back in the 50's, that cost 12.95 I believe....last glove was a Rawlings, but it cost about 15 times that....12.95 sounds really cheap, but when you consider the average man made about 100 bucks a week, it was pricey....

  3. I have a 30+ year old Rawlings Rbg34 that is the Nolan Ryan fielder's glove. I got Nolan Ryan to sign the back of it about 15 years ago.

  4. Never heard of this. Which one do you have?

    1. First baseman's mitt (not glove). I'll post a photo of it later today when I get back from work.

  5. Wilson A-2000 outfielders.
    But a old one with strange markings on it, the markings say Made in USA.
    Bought it back around 78 or 79, paid $119 back then.
    Had it re-laced a few years ago, and it is good as new.
    It is one of those where you get what you pay for.