Friday, October 12, 2018

Find a cannonball, smash it against a rock ten times.


  1. And hope there's nothing explosive inside.

  2. Long time ago I knew a circus juggler who juggled cannonballs, just like that one.

    Previously in his act he'd juggled knives, and batons, and eggs; he would bounce an egg on his head, gasp! But it was hard-boiled, and then he'd eat it.

    Finally he'd finish his act by juggling two plastic fake cannonballs and one real one; he'd already dropped the real one on the stage or a wooden platform so everyone knew it was real, and heavy, and solid, so everyone thought all three were real.

    Then he'd say he was going to bounce a cannonball off his head just like the egg- and then he'd actually DO IT! One of the fakes, of course- but some folks fainted, thinking it was real!

    And yes, he had arms like a man who juggled cannonballs. His name: Reg Bolton, with the Suitcase Circus. He reckoned the hard part was making the fake cannonballs look like they weighed 6 pounds each, like the real ones did!