Saturday, December 23, 2017

Swedish woman riding her horse startled by a wolf

"I was out riding with my horse. Suddenly my horse quickly stopped and stared intensely in to the forest. At first I couldn't see anything, but then after a few seconds the wolf showed up. My horse started to walk again and the wolf came after us in the path. It followed us for about 500 meters. It got as came as close as 8 or 10 meters behind us. It is very rare to see a wolf so near Stockholm city, and as close as this one was. The wolf was curious and not aggressive. It felt as if she was just lonely and looking for a friend. When I decided to ride up to a small road, the wolf stopped at the path and looked after us. She seemed disappointed, but it was a nice experience to be this close to wild nature."


  1. Wow! Talk about anthropomorphizing......

    1. I know. Jump off and try to make friends with it, Helga, and see what happens. They should see the size of some of the timber wolves they have in Idaho and Montana. Get ten or twelve of those together and they'd take down her and her horse in no time.

  2. There was that guy who got real close to wild nature via bears, there was the teacher who got real close to nature via wolves.
    They keep using those words - I don't think those words mean what they think those words mean...

  3. Yeah, women in that part of the world seem to think about moslem (the derogatory spelling) men the same way. Frequently does not work out as well as it did with the hungry wolf though. regards, Alemaster

  4. Either it's a lone wolf (bad news) or the scout of a pack (even worse news.)

    The Russians have the oh-so-pleasant folk saying, "Throw the baby (or old people) from the Troika (sleigh)."

    Wolves are not our friends. Nor are unsocialized or feral dogs.

    Stupid people. Next thing they'll try is to pet that pretty puma.

  5. Algy met a wolf.
    The wolf was bulgy.
    The bulge was Algy.