Friday, December 29, 2017

In 1938, a massive flood wiped the road to this bridge out, leaving it all alone in a canyon above LA.

It's known as the Bridge to Nowhere and is a popular hiking and bungee jumping spot. The road is East Fork Roadwhich currently ends at the trailhead, it was supposed to connect Azusa with the mountain town of Wrightwood. The flood which caused the damage was the Great Los Angeles Flood of March 1-2, 1938

Cool video about the hike to the Bridge to Nowhere.

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  1. I LIKE IT!!!!! Heh, you can tell these young kids are trying to create some sort of saleable TV show. Kinda like dirty jobs but with a twist. I really like the format and the educational bent to their endeavor. Best of luck in trying to sell this to a tv station.