Saturday, December 30, 2017

One of the best coins ever

In the process of investigating that prior time traveling coin post, I came across this coin, which simply has to be the most dynamic, coolest coinage ever.

It's another Bactrian/Greek king, Eucratides I, eyeing an enemy and getting ready to chuck a spear at him. 


On that day I become king, I'm having the coins of my realm stamped with something similar.

Eucratides I (GreekΕὐκρατίδης Α΄; reigned c. 171–145 BC), sometimes called Eucratides the Great, was one of the most important Greco-Bactrian kings, descendants of dignitaries of Alexander the Great. He uprooted the Euthydemid dynasty of Greco-Bactrian kings and replaced it with his own lineage. He fought against the Indo-Greek kings, the easternmost Hellenistic rulers in northwestern India, temporarily holding territory as far as the Indus, until he was finally defeated and pushed back to Bactria. Eucratides had a vast and prestigious coinage, suggesting a rule of considerable importance.


  1. That coin needs to be melted down as slag. It glorifies white males with armor and weapons who conquered the known world. It's not politically correct.

    1. AH! sarcasm. as it was not my elder sister commenting, I almost did not recognize the sarcasm. She is a artist of sarcasm. Yours is very good.