Wednesday, June 21, 2017

New York Supreme Court judge scammed out of $1million by just ONE EMAIL: Jurist wires cash to fraudsters pretending to be her lawyer

Genius.  Just raw, unadulterated genius.

Sattler, a judge in the First District of the State Supreme Court in Manhattan, went to police Friday saying she received the email June 7 from someone that she thought was her lawyer.  The imposter told her to send the money to an account in Arizona.
She followed the instructions and wired $1,057,500 to the account, the money was then transferred to a Commerce Bank of China in Hong Kong.

This chick is a judge.   Clearly, her judgment is sorely lacking. Sorely.  Retire her, and replace with someone who at the very least knows not to wire a million dollars to someone who asks for it by email.

The face of a dupe.  But if you live in Manhattan, she'll decide your rights. 


  1. Why does a judge have that amount of money to be spending on a lawyer anyway? Why does she need a lawyer? Something else is really wrong here

    1. The million was to prove she was trust-worthy of the promised hundred million to come. She's dumber than she has admitted.

  2. I'm assuming she's a Democrat?