Wednesday, June 14, 2017

American hero, straight up.

The guts to run to gunfire, when the bad guy has an assault rifle and you have a pistol.   This is what makes our people great.  Guys and gals like this make me proud to an American.

Get well soon, hero.


  1. When others are running away from trouble, the police are running toward it.

  2. I linked this on Facebook. If you can get the lady cop's picture, I'll link it, too.

  3. Wish you would not use the term "assault rifle".
    First of all it was a 1950s SKS, which is hardly an assault rifle.
    Assault rifles are used exclusively by MIlitary & Law Enforcement.
    As the attacker had a pistol as well, why is the term "assault pistol" not equally applied?

    Thanks, from a lifelong gun owner, former US Marine and stickler for detail.

    1. Always willing to listen to good, constructive criticism. I guess I've soaked up the California culture on this, as I throw the SKS into the bucket of guns generally known as assault rifles. But, I'm using it here in the general cultural sense, where any semi auto rifle with a detachable magazine fits. But then, I should in fact resist this impulse, as it's a definition created and popularized by our political foes.