Sunday, February 28, 2016

Washoe Valley, wild horses, eagles and owls

Today the youngest daughter and I rose at four, and headed over the hill to Minden, Nevada, in the Washoe Valley country south of Reno.

It was a photography expedition.

We went with a group of bird photographers, and although that specialty isn't really our bag, it was fun to see what sort of feathered friends were around.   Here at the ranch headquarters there were three barns, and one of our group went to each barn in turn and flushed out both barn owls and horned owls.  The cattle, though, were unimpressed with our activities.

This fellow didn't like much having his cozy spot in the rafters disturbed. 

I found the ranch buildings and their detritus more interesting, from a photography standpoint.

A Studebaker pickup slowly returning to the soil.

This owl was switching barns - they fly faster than you'd think, and before your frozen fingers can focus and click, they are past you.

Washoe Valley, near where a pair of bald eagles were nesting.  Apparently, these two eagles come back every year and raise a couple of chicks.  They were a bit too far away for good pictures.

A sage brush crossroads, with the mighty Sierra in the background.   There were three bands of wild horses in this little valley.

What a contrast between the gently rolling hills and the rugged snow covered peaks.

All in all, a fun, if long day way over on the east side.


  1. Pretty country. I've always favored Minden. Nice town.

  2. Great photos! A dear outdoorsy girlfriend lives in Gardnerville and she loves the area.

  3. Me and Geez went to see Grandpa on saturday... just missed you....

  4. Me and Geez went to see Grandpa on saturday... just missed you....

    1. Love that country. It would have been an amazing coincidence had we run into each other up there.

  5. Beautiful photographs, CW! It must have been a wonderful day!

  6. Nice pics, CW.
    It's tough taking photos of birds on the wing.


  7. Minden, the county seat of Douglas County is in the Carson Valley SOUTH of Carson City. Washoe Valley is NORTH of Carson City.