Wednesday, February 17, 2016

There will be no arrest


  1. Why would they treat her like a 'patriot' since she isn't one?

  2. If they decide to indict her, the FBI will send a registered letter to her lawyer's office. The lawyer will fabricate an excuse about how he didn't get it and they fired the secretary who signed for it. Then the FBI will hand deliver the same letter again. The lawyer will get it and make a speech on CNN/NBC/ABC about witch hunts and dirty tricks before the election. The lawyers will attend all her hearings instead of her and get her out on bond without ever making an appearance or being "arrested". The Secret Service will ensure no Federal Marshall gets within warrant-serving distance of her.

    The AG will drop the charges for lack of evidence. Hillery will announce how the FBI cleared her of all wrong-doing forever. The next president will quietly pardon her in exchange for going away. She will renege on the "going away" part of the deal and get away with it.