Thursday, February 25, 2016

The headache this guy is gonna have will be epic.

As well as the internet fame.  Or would that be infamy?


  1. I hate to be accused of being racist, but if you ask any police officer who works or has worked in a ghetto city, they will tell you that if you must hit a black fella, you don't hit him in the head (no effect). I've seen it myself. Points of the shoulder or a collar bone work fine, but not in the head.

    LAPD Chief Darrell Gates once commented that "Black people don't choke out the same way as normal people." After that, the cops started calling their cars, 'black and normal'. He was wrong, they do choke out the same way. Lack of blood to the brain is science. The head thing is legit.

  2. You could tell he wasn't into it after the second attempt. His pride wouldn't let him call it off.

    Just think. Electricity. the transistor. the microchip. computers. the internet. all so we can watch a guy with an 85 IQ (on a good day) hit himself on the head with a beer bottle.


    1. The sound that bottle made when it hit his head but didn't break was bad. Give him credit, he was persistent.

  3. He was trying to copy a Hollywood movie stunt that's featured in the 1976 movie, "BABY BLUE MARINE", starring Jan-Michael Vincent, but obviously, he doesn't know how it's actually done.

  4. Simple physics is working against him as well as his own ego. In the movies there is a trick just like the window the hero dives through. This guy is learning about CTE up close and personal.

  5. Cut it out! ALL of you are wrong! Its "white privilege" that is keeping him from doing the stunt he saw a white guy do in a movie. He needs to kill a few more cops and everything will be all right. FAUGH!