Saturday, October 24, 2015

San Diego from space

NASA picture of the day


  1. There's that "line" on the photo that's the Coronado Bridge.....Does anyone remember when Roger Worthington made a Base Jump off the Bridge!!!!!!????????????????? The City Admin. approached the FAA about prosecuting Roger for his "Aviation Activities" and they laughed at them. It seems said the FAA that the Coronado Bay Bridge does not have an "N" number and appear on their roster as an Aircraft so since Roger did not make his jump from a certified "Aircraft in Flight," it was "Sorry Charlie!!!!!!
    Got Air Time!!!,
    PS Some Skydivers in So. Cal have movies of Roger's Jump!!

    1. I love it! A ballsy dude with more crazy that sense successfully leaps off a bridge, and then the bureaucrats try to punish him for it, instead of the ovation he deserved, and the ballsy dude wins.