Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Common Core punishes student for getting the right answer.

Gee, it's like the whole purpose of the program is to dumb down and confuse students.

Any politician who supports this program to turn our children into idiots should be permanently banned from any position of public service.


  1. They hate it when the questions are poorly written and kids give a correct answer, but not the answer they wanted.

    1. This kid has clear gone past the "estimate" stage, which is why they narrow mindedly decided to mark her wrong, to the point where he/she knows the answer because they know the simple math to get there. But hey, why let that get in the way of frustrating an excelling young scholar?

  2. When did the word "reasonable" become a math term? Math is wonderfully objective. This problem is grotesquely subjective. The suggested solution to a math problem is either correct, or incorrect. There's no crying in baseball and no reasonable/unreasonable in math. Is Common Core reasonable? Explain your answer.(2-7)