Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Explains a lot.

His name is Sergey Shoygu, and before he was defense minister, he was the governor of the Moscow Oblast.  Guarantee, he's an ass kicker.


  1. The west has truly gone insane. I'm Dutch and Swedish ancestry. I'm not sure Ash Carter measures up much better.

  2. Why, that's sexist of you!! I'm sure that Sergey Shoygu has a sensitive side. Like a big cuddly bear that wants to hug you.

    1. And squeeze, and squeeze until bones crack. Russian bear hugs are like that. Da!

  3. Oh, my! Wonder if the little ladies would be offended by that? Probably....

  4. That's ok-- given their govts' recent actions, they'll be in burkas pretty soon and their sensibilities will no longer matter

  5. In light of the ass kicking that Russia is taking in Ukraine this has not aged well...

    It is now October 2023. The way that the war in Ukraine is going I wonder how long it will be until Sergey trips and falls from a balcony.