Saturday, October 24, 2015


It seems a local city lady was driving her van when she tagged a local coyote with a glancing blow from the bumper, knocking the song dog cold.  

Thinking the dog she hit was a fox, she got out of the car and loaded the unconscious critter in the back and delivered the "fox" to the local SPCA.

Surprisingly, the SPCA took the animal in, watched it a couple of days, took X-rays to find there were no broken bones, fed it institutional kibble, and today, released it back into the wild somewhere.  

Here he is looking a bit suspicious.

I'll bet they chipped that coyote, collared him with a GPS locator and a Go Pro, and are watching him feast on the local house cats in real time right now.

No doubt the coyote is trying to explain to his pals just exactly where he has been and what happened.  I doubt they believe him.