Monday, October 26, 2015

An interesting discovery

Digging through some old stuff the other day, I came across this, an old government pamphlet warning the population about nuclear attack!  Published in 1961, it's interesting to me that my parents, just starting their family at that time, thought the information important enough to keep.

Since our current political leaders seek to enable our enemies to strike us with these weapons, as opposed to protect us, I thought it would be interesting to share this little book and what it was telling us back when it was Russian ICBM's, as opposed to Iranian, that threatened everyone with instant annihilation.

I was one year old when this was brought out.  Signed by Robert S. McNamara!

A five megaton blast seems pretty bad,

Helpful hints on home fallout shelters.  Jeez, I suppose when the mullahs get the bomb, we'll have to do this all over again.  Thanks, Democrats!


  1. I remember 3rd grade, maybe '57, doing bomb drills in class at Beamer School. We had to duck under our desks to avoid the window glass from the blast. Old Mrs. Kibbe was as fast as any of us in that scramble.

  2. I actually have a house which has a fallout shelter.

    Makes for a really good tornado shelter too. and a great storage room. Plus a good place top store powder, primers and assembled cartridges...

    For those interested, I think this is the text of the booklet you reference in pictures:

  3. I remember the drills in elementary school,
    and my running for the outhouse... instead of ducking under my desk...
    cause who in there right mind would bomb an outhouse