Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hey, who wants to go swimming?


  1. Don't laugh - don't you dare.

    The US Navy trains in conditions like those. And it's no frigging fun. The goal is to get on top of the ice and let it support you until you can ice-axe your way on to the shore. It doesn't always work as planned. While you're learning, they tie a rope to you so that they can winch you out if you get into trouble.

    No sky too high, no sea to deep, no muff too tough...the only easy day was yesterday.

    1. I imagine if you didn't stay on top of that, it would grind you up quickly.

    2. The problem is breaking through from under the water so that you can skitter across the ice - without getting squished. You do it with an inflatable cylinder (gray/white camo) that you push up through the chunks of ice. Then you go up through the tube. It sounds easier than it is. And there's no way to do the whole process without getting hurt. But train-train-train. Glad that's over. Sounds macho to talk about it, but I'm happy to be on this side of that grief.

  2. Looks like Lake Ontario before the Polar Bear plunge.