Thursday, August 27, 2015

Idiot picks up buzzing rattlesnake, the inevitable happens, and now the bitten hand threatens to fall off.

“I’m shocked that he would have that things around his neck,” Alex’s mother Deborah said. “It could’ve bit his neck, and that would have been it. That’s just being a fool.”
Alex’s nephew, Ronnie, was with him when the snake was discovered, and says the reptile gave plenty of warning.
“It was really thick and had ten rattles on it, it was rattling,” Ronnie said. “It was pretty mad.”
But he still picked it up.  Naturally, the rattler bit him, on the hand.
Upon being bitten, Gomez, who is a father a three, was experiencing excruciating pain as he was taken to a local hospital. His hand swelled up and his body started to tingle.
His mother says he may lose his hand.
“His skin is already rotting away,” Deborah described.
Two things here.  Gomez is 36, but his mother is still doing his talking.  Even his mommy seems disgusted with him. That speaks to a deep immaturity, which is confirmed by his show off decision to pick up an angry rattlesnake in front of his nephew Ronnie.  I guess he taught Ronnie a lesson, but perhaps not the one he intended.  The dumbshit got what he asked for.


  1. Maybe he needs a Darwin Award?

    1. Definitely a good candidate, although he will probably survive this time.

    2. I think that there is a runner-up category for those who should have died (denying the gene pool their distinctiveness) but didn't. The "father of three" thing indicates that he's already infected the pool.