Thursday, August 27, 2015

The resistance begins to pick up speed, here and there, slowly at first.

Note that this guy has been arrested, given his use of social media to promote this sort of behavior.  Although he didn't damage any public property (good), he is costing Leviathan it's ability to reach into our pockets and take the money we have earned for it's own use.

   "The arrest of a New York man for disabling red light cameras poses a vital question that all Americans must answer: is this Son of Liberty a great hero, or the greatest hero?"
"Stephen Ruth, a 42-year-old New Yorker, was arrested earlier this week for neutering red camera lights, which act as automated revenue collection agents on behalf of Big Brother."
Ruth wrote on his Facebook page that he didn’t care if he got arrested for his self-less work on behalf of his over-taxed and over-regulated fellow countrymen.
“Of course I knew I would be arrested. I did it for the people who come back from war and get abused by these cameras,” he wrote on Wednesday.
If you do something similar, and are caught, you too will be arrested and fined.  Don't do it.  Hear me?  Don't. Do. This.  
Nevertheless, when the common people start to refuse to be victims, to choose to not obey laws they find oppressive or non sensical, then the foundations of the gigantic government edifice that exists to enrich those who run that edifice, are rocked.  It begins small and gets bigger. Cracks form.  The non productive become worried. 
 Should be interesting to watch.


  1. Perhaps it's time for second shift to check in.
    I got a ticket from one of those once and it set me back $125.00. Rolling through a yellow/red light. Nobody but the camera around and I was in a very bad neighborhood while at work. It's nothing but b.s. That guy is a patriot.

  2. As he says, all it takes is two balls in a sack and a painter's extension rod.