Monday, August 31, 2015

BLM protesters: 325. All Lives Matter march: 20,000

Saturday, in Minneapolis, Reuters reported:
Several hundred protesters from the Black Lives Matter movement marched to the Minnesota State Fair on Saturday to bring attention to race issues ranging from policing to underrepresentation of minorities at one of the nation’s biggest state fairs.
The mixed-race crowd, including senior citizens and children, chanted slogans along the 1-1/2 mile route and briefly lay down on a bridge south of the fairgrounds
Minnesota media reported the number of marchers at 325.
A few hundred miles to the south, a throng of 20,000, led by Glenn Beck, marched in Birmingham, Alabama, along the same route marched by Martin Luther King. They were there to declare that “All Lives Matter.”
Guess which march received national media attention and which one didn’t.

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