Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mokelumne Hill, California, up in the Mother Lode country

Not everywhere is like Los Angeles


  1. So you have to hitch your horse while it's standing on pavement? There haven't been many horses there, or they have an effective system for scooping...

  2. Sure to get an illegal parking in a crosswalk ticket...
    don't ask how I know this...

    1. The sheriff is tolerant of such things in that county

  3. Not sure but isn't this the place that guy got killed on Saturday night. Stumbled off the porch in front of the only car on the road that night?

  4. Up here in Georgetown CA we have a row of parking places down the middle of Main St. They made Main St real wide after the town burned down a couple of times. Now if one side of the street is on fire the other side might not burn down too.