Sunday, June 24, 2012

Up in Alberta Canada, a grizzly bear came upon a parked Toyota Sequoia, tore open the door, and proceeded to mangle the interior.  60,000 dollars worth of damage, including setting off both air bags.  That likely didn't help his attitude.  

Moral: drive a beater in bear country.


  1. Gee, couldn't you buy like two brand new ones for 60K? (FWIW I don't know what a Sequoia costs but still............)

    Moral of the story - don't leave your Scooby Snacks in the car - or do as the author suggested and drive a beater!

    1. It's my understanding the Sequoia is the top of the top of the line. And you know that there was a Scooby Snack of some kind in there. I'll bet it was a big mac with a bite out of it sitting on the dashboard.