Thursday, June 21, 2012

Eric Holder's use of executive privilege to shield Fast and Furious documents from congressional review is for sure the last gasp in a desperate attempt to prevent the truth from coming out.

My theory is that the administration wanted to flood Mexico with guns so they could create a crisis they could use to argue for increased gun control right here at home.  The more Mexicans that got killed, the better, in their eyes.

The best discussion so far of the use, or in this case abuse, of the executive privilege comes from John Hinderaker over at Power Line, and it is a must read to understand the legal factors that come into play here.

For instance, I was unaware that Issa had narrowed his congressional subpoena down to only a very few relevant documents, or that Holder had only released a comparatively few to congress so far.

Holder is going to desperately need that presidential pardon before Obama leaves office in January.  I wonder if Obama will give it to him, or let him go to jail.  Too bad Obama can't pardon himself, because if he was involved in this, as he probably was, he will need one just as badly.

Those chickens, they are coming home to roost.

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