Saturday, June 16, 2012

Here is what President Choom said about the scope of executive orders recently:

“America is a nation of laws, which means I, as the President, am obligated to enforce the law.  I don’t have a choice about that.  That’s part of my job,” he said. When Ramos asked a follow-up question about granting formal administrative relief to undocumented youth, Obama was even more forceful: “There are enough laws on the books by Congress that are very clear in terms of how we have to enforce our immigration system that for me to simply, through executive order, ignore those congressional mandates would not conform with my appropriate role as President.”

So now we have the pleasure of watching him contradict his prior statement of belief, the constitution, the rule of law and the Congress by issuing an executive order to de facto legalize the presence of 800k illegals, on humanitarian grounds, and in direct opposition to existing law.

Those are an additional 800K competitors for scarce to non existent jobs.

Those are an additional 800k demanders of public resources, 800k burdens on the communities they occupy.

Clearly, Obama doesn't like the laws that Americans legally pass, so he is going to import enough "new Americans" so he can get his way.

Congress better call him on this.

Otherwise, let's all follow the Resident's example and pick and choose what laws we will obey.  Great leadership there, big boy.

So now we have an illegal president, making an illegal executive order, in an attempt to preserve the illegal votes of illegal aliens.

Enough already.  

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