Sunday, June 17, 2012

The latest on Stuxnet/Flame from this website.  The money quote:

Stuxnet/flame puts USA in same position
as when US was only one with atom bomb,
MAD NOT APPLICABLE, first strike
can take out everything, leaving enemy nothing
to retaliate WITH.

Stuxnet is so deeply embedded in Iran
their counterstrike plans are already known.

This powerful weapon is so comprehensive
it is a deterrent in and of its self,
You don't slap someone who has you
by the balls like stuxnet has Iran.

The flip side of the suicide function,
as the press calls it, isn't suicide at all.
Its artificial intelligence, if you start looking
for Flame it knows and disappears.


  1. Unbelievable! And I still can't set the clock on my VCR!!

  2. Yeah, as long as they use their powers for good. Those survivalist guys who want to know how to live off the grid sound smarter all the time.