Friday, June 22, 2012

National and world events have been weighing on my mind lately, making me irritable and suffering from a certain base level of "pissed - off - edness."

The solution?  Cooking some comfort food in the dutch oven.

In this case, the weekend will see me making some of Juanita's baked beans, from Rogue Dutch Oven.

Looks pretty good to me.  Add some cornbread, maybe some steamed beets and greens, and you got yourself a meal fit for a man.


  1. thought you were joining my blog? great looking bowl of beans. the mohave rat

    1. Check out the avatar of LBJ yelling at a heckler, with JFK trying to calm him down in the background. That's me!

  2. oops!my mistake, I was looking for the Native American. do you want a referral back to this blog from that avatar? Probably Monday. the rat