Thursday, June 28, 2012

SCOTUS upholds Obamacare.

I guess we all exist to serve the government now, not the other way around.   I for one welcome our new government overlords, as we must recognize that most of America now wants and in fact needs some entity or person to act as a parental figure, to provide for our basic needs, and to make sure we don't fall down and go boom.

Now that we know that the government can pass any law regulating our lives, we should learn to love this new, benevolent oversight of every bit of our existence.  We must accept that faceless bureaucrats will now make the most critical decisions about our health care, and as a derivative power, will need to make sure that our lifestyle "choices" do not unfairly cost the government healthcare money they otherwise would not have to spend.

The "Eat Your Broccoli" act, or it's equivalent, cannot be far away now.

Expect the all powerful government to eventually, probably sooner rather than later, require all Americans to eat what they say they should eat, workout on a government schedule, and avoid activities that might be unusually dangerous, like rock climbing, sky diving, driving, drinking out of the creek, or running with scissors.  Seriously.

I think that the country has well and truly screwed itself.   By voting in these Democrats/Liberals/ Progressives, they have ceded their freedom, their individuality, their right to make their own decisions and their liberty to the government.

Perhaps it was only a matter of time, as the margin of error at the SCOTUS was only one for many years; a thin reed to rest the most basic liberties and values on in any case.  Now one of those reeds has broken, and with it has gone our most precious rights.

Although there is a slight hope that Obamacare can be repealed, that possibility rests on so many things that would need to happen just right, and on the resolution of so many politicians that see their interest as maintaining the law, that the chances of that happening are just too small to think that this trend will be reversed.

Hold out your hands, Americans, so that they can be fitted for their chains and for slavery, the chains with which you have voted to bind yourselves.  

Almighty God has not forbidden it, after all.


  1. Even if obamacare is repealed - the damage has been done, the mortal wound has been dealt to us all - as the legal precedent has now been set - any government mandate is now legal, period, end of story, as long as you add a tax to the mandate. [what kind of mandates you think those self serving folks in DC can come up with? plenty I tell you, none of it good]

    1. Exactly correct. I suppose the only real cure would be amendments to the constitution, but that is not something that is likely to happen in a nation divided almost 50/50. The other cure, if you can call it that, will be simply financial collapse under the suffocating blanket of all this, just as is happening in Europe right now. The run up to that certainly wouldn't be pretty, and the aftermath would have as much chance of being a pure tyranny as a rebirth of democracy. Jefferson was very right when he said the tree of liberty needed to be fertilized with the blood of tyrants and patriots periodically. That may well be our future.

  2. Lose 50 pounds or we will "tax" you...

    Buy a chevy volt or we will "tax" you...

    Watch cnn or we will "tax" you...

    What a bunch of crap. We are so screwed...