Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sailing vessel Merrimac, which ran aground on Sable Island

Hope their insurance was good.


  1. So, it's easy to Monitor where the Merrimac is, right?

    sorry, couldn't resist...

  2. We need to dig her out and re-float her, changing the name to "Daily Timewaster"...

    1. Way too much work. Plus there would be time pressure. You'd have to do it before the tide buried it again

  3. Any idea how long it took to be covered up?

  4. Dig out just enough to attach some pontoons. Think of the sand as if it were water. As it gets wet and churned by the tides, the boat will gently lift out in a few days. It can be helped along with some extra digging as time permits.

    I do not recommend attaching a tow line to the bow hook and dragging it out with a truck. Don't ask how I know.