Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Get a load of this stinking steaming pile of corruption

After tying Sanders in Iowa, and getting blown out of the water, like a cheap styrofoam cup when it meets a speeding 454 Casull bullet, Clinton has 394 delegates, to Sanders 42.
Un -fricking - believable!
In the overall race for delegates, Clinton has 394, thanks in large part to endorsements from superdelegates — party officials who can support the candidate of their choice.
Sanders has 42 delegates.
It takes 2,382 delegates to win the Democratic nomination for president.
If that isn't rigging the game to favor her majesty, I don't know what is.  Sanders should be livid. If she gets away with this, imagine the carnage she'll happily inflict on our government institutions.


  1. Imagine the feelings of a newly minted young socialist, high on their support of Bernie, learning of this 'established' procedure for the first time. Especially so in this case, when the Hildabeest only carried the 65+ demographic in NH.

    This will not bode well for Democratic voter turnout in the general election.

  2. Oh it's totally arcane, corrupt and fairly stupid. To fix it is simple. To convince a majority to do it is impossible without a revolution.

  3. The last thing accurate to describe the democratic party is democratic. This coming from someone living in California where ballot initiatives are regularly over turned by courts and "declined to defend" by the elected. Maybe they'll rename the party National Socialists. Oh wait, that was already used.

  4. And why do you think the process with the GOP will be any different?

    The situation is increasingly like that of Eastern Europe in the '50s and '60s; the government has become so egregiously corrupt that eventually nobody will bother to vote, and elections will become open coronations.

    Open borders, the primaries, and the Super Bowl: Bread and Circuses.

  5. Maybe the Dems will be forced to change the system now. But I'm not holding my breath.

    The Republicans are speaking of a "Brokered Convention" with Trump being replaced by an anointed other irrespective of a win.

  6. It is all pre decided political theater. Any one that still believes in free elections or republican government is BAKA -stupid to the bone. The "winner" has already been selected by the junta---Ray

  7. Next, lets get rid of the Electoral College.

  8. It will be better if she is nominated. Look at how weak she is nationally,none of Bernie's Free Shit Army will vote for her, they hate her. At this point I think we could nominate a moldy grapefruit and beat Hillary